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Old 10-14-2007
R3F0RM3D R3F0RM3D is offline
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Default Building sg's and dispencers in spawn

Hi my anme is R3F0RM3D, I would like to give you guys a few steam id of ppl i ahve cought doing this action of blocking the door ways with sg's and dispencers.
STEAM_0:1:11863583 this person i ahd given hima warning and he did leave but it would still be good to either have the steam id on file so if some one else does bring this id to you then you can perma ban him.
STEAM_0:1:5196320 16:32 This person just didn't care was laughing and kept doing it. I personally think he should be perma ban.

I also would like to bring up a point that some had suggested to me in the server seeting a command like no build in respawn.I am not to sure how you guys would go about taht but i think that would just eliminate your problem right off the bat.Then when you do get you admins in the server it just helps your point even more cause you ahve ppl to enfoce the rules of the server.

Thank you for your time


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Old 10-21-2007
Killer Instinct Killer Instinct is offline
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I have been trying to take care of that issue the best I can, and in some cases I end up dealing with 3 people a game. Its a crazy house in there
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